en_app_rgb_wo_60expensesiDid is an automatic life logger and an ever-learning intelligent assistant app that uses iDid Inc.’s Contextual Intelligence Mobile Platform. It detects and logs your actions such as drives, places visited, flights, sleep and more. All logs are private to you and are logged in a calendar you choose. You can also use iDid to take automatic actions when certain events are detected or share those events with contacts and friends.

Automatically log your drives, visited places, flights and more to your private calendar. No manual entry is needed. The app automatically detects and logs events and provides descriptive information such as “Visited Outback Steakhouse” and includes address, time, duration, phone numbers, place photo, websites etc. Quickly browse logged activities from “Today’s Events” menu option. Slide page to access activities for several days.

Activity Reports by EmailGet your FREE daily activity report by email.

Find places similar to the one you are in or have visited.

Generate activity reports for any period. For example, search for all activities on your trip/vacation. Get results in a business format or plot them on a map.

Provides several smart location sharing options such as “share just your current drive/place”, “share till you meet your contact”, “share for a period of time”, “share forever”.

nestSet up home automation with Nest and Belkin.

Get driving directions or navigate to a person’s shared location.

Set up proximity alerts and be notified when a contact is near you or is approaching a place.

Heads-up: Notify your contact when you are near him/her or approaching a place.

Using the Meeting Radar feature, automatically share location among upcoming meeting attendees.

Automatically launch navigation to your next meeting location.

Set up automatic actions for your places, such as “launch Bluetooth when driving”, “enable Wi-Fi at home”, “silence phone at meetings” and a whole lot more.

View photos by event. iDid automatically tags all media with the ongoing event so you can recall all media by event at any time. For example, you can browse pictures taken when you visited the zoo or pull up that restaurant receipt picture from the restaurant visit event. No manual attaching required.

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