These reference applications are built using the iDid Contextual Intelligence Mobile Platform and are available as free downloads from Google Play. To learn more about the platform’s capabilities and the various ways it can be used to create intelligent applications for your business, contact us.




The iDid App: iDid is an automatic life logger and an ever-learning intelligent assistant. It detects and logs your actions such as drives, places visited, flights, sleep and more. All logs are private to you and are logged in a calendar you choose. You can also use iDid (Android) to take automatic actions when certain events are detected or share those events with contacts and friends. For a full list of iDid’s features visit the iDid app page.


ic_smalltown_logo_launcherThe SmallTown Appen_app_rgb_wo_60: SmallTown is a spontaneous social network creator. It allows you to participate in the system that surrounds you, be it a shopping mall, an airport, a restaurant/bar. You can browse profiles of other people around you, request chats, exchange contacts, set up for future encounter alerts and more. For a full list of features visit the SmallTown app page.

amazon_badgeSmallTown allows owners of businesses and services to better engage with their visiting customers by automatically extending their point of sale system into visitor mobiles. Now the visitor is an active participant in your system. For example, without a custom app, restaurant owners can allow visitors to place orders from their mobiles or chat with wait staff.

en_app_rgb_wo_60 Plan-BThe Plan-B App: “Plan-B” is a quick way to find businesses nearby that are similar to the place you are in. It’s built to address the very familiar scene where you are somewhere and for some reason it’s not working out. Either a restaurant that’s too crowded or a car repair place that’s not treating you right. Use the Plan-B app to quickly discover similar places nearby without typing any searches. Comes in handy when a business is closed for the day or you are simply not finding what you are looking for. Just launch Plan-B.