SmallTown: Privacy

ProfileSmallTown is a spontaneous social network creator. You set up your profile that’s made available to people around you in the system you are. For example, if you are in a participating library your profile is made available to other people in the library at that time. Your profile is not shared on the internet. It is made available to other participants where you are. This profile information is stored in their mobile. Your contact information is not provided along with your profile (unless you have explicitly included that in your profile).

When you are in this instant social network, you can request to chat with other people, request to exchange contacts and mark people’s profiles for proximity notification to be alerted at a future encounter. You cannot chat with another person without their permission, neither can you obtain their contact information.

When you leave the instant social network, others in the network can no longer reach you, unless you have explicitly exchanged contact information while in the network.

When you visit a place of business, you can transact business with that place using SmallTown. Business information is provided to you. Your contact information is not provided to the Business, unless again you explicitly provided that via a chat session or a contact exchange function supported by the app.


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