Terms of Service

iDid Inc

iDid app is a free Android app. You can download iDid for free from Google Play store and use it for your personal and business needs.

By downloading iDid or any other app from iDid Inc., you agree to use it for its intended purpose and not to abuse it or attempt to reverse engineer, deconstruct or de-compile the app or any of its components or artifacts. You agree to not infringe or attempt to infringe on iDid Inc.’s intellectual property. To distribute the app, please point people to the Google Play store for downloads.

Several features are added to the iDid app regularly, so you are encouraged to visit this website to stay up-to-date. You can also submit your feedback through the site.

iDid is a contextually intelligent app and serves as your “virtual digital avatar”, your mini-me of sorts. To that end, iDid supports several automation functions including ones that apply when you are driving. Those can be set up before you start driving. iDid is provided to you as a free app. By downloading or using iDid you agree to hold harmless iDid Inc., its employees and owners.

iDid app uses Google Places API to provide descriptive information about the places you visit including place pictures, website information, place reviews etc. As the app is “powered by Google”, all users of iDid app are bound by Google’s terms of service as well: https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/terms.