iDid Features

Voice Interfaces and Contextual Intelligence

Here’s a scenario: You are leaving to meet your friend Mark and you want to tell Alexa this: You: “Alexa, let Mark know when I am almost there” Alexa: “Okay” To solve this you need to answer: Which Mark is relevant now? and btw, is it Marc or Mark? Where is “there“? Where is Mark – […]

“Alexa, it’s Peter who pays Paul”

Consider these commands: “Alexa, ask Peter to pay Paul.” “Alexa, ask Harry for a meeting with Sally.” and compare with “Computer, ask Replicator for coffee, black!” The last one doesn’t sound right. Does it? That’s because you don’t tell “the Computer” it’s “the Replicator” that can make coffee, black. It knows that. So why should we […]

Plan-B Features

Plan-B: Privacy

Plan-B is an app that resides on your mobile device only. Plan-B does not have a back-end database or server on the internet. Plan-B does not send any data from your phone to any server for storage purposes. Plan-B uses your current location to query for businesses around you. Plan-B does not remember or track […]

Plan-B: Similar Places Nearby

The app “Plan-B” is a quick way to find businesses nearby that are similar to the place you are in. It’s built to address the very familiar scene where you are somewhere and for some reason it’s not working out. Either a restaurant that’s too crowded or a car repair place that’s not treating you […]

SmallTown Features

SmallTown: Privacy

SmallTown is a spontaneous social network creator. You set up your profile that’s made available to people around you in the system you are. For example, if you are in a participating library your profile is made available to other people in the library at that time. Your profile is not shared on the internet. […]

SmallTown: Components

SmallTown is a free mobile app available on Android phones and Amazon Kindles. Spontaneous social networking features such as sharing your profile, browsing other profiles, request chats, chatting, exchanging contact information, searching profiles and marking profiles for encounter alerts are all free and available with just the mobile app. These features come to life in […]