Business Applications

Contact us to learn how iDid’s contextual intelligence platform can be used for these business applications.

Using Voice Commands in Your Business with Alexa

Provide an amazing customer experience by using Alexa in your business. See examples here: Alexa for Business.

Contextual Triggering

Based on the user’s current context and iDid platform’s heuristics capability, enable accurate triggering of your applications and systems. An example contextual trigger would be to automatically turn on/off your home security system when your pet-sitter arrives and leaves when you are on vacation.

Mobile Panel

Increase mobile survey participation and accuracy by using automatically collected information and asking questions exactly at the right time. For instance, ask about a recent shopping experience when they are waiting to be seated at a restaurant.

Reality Mining

Using our passive monitor technology, get visibility into offline movement and behavior of your consumers.

Personal Data Mining

Individual users can research their own behavior patterns, such as how many hours a week do I spend shopping or being stuck in traffic.