Contextual Triggers

Triggering actions based on Context

Build contextually intelligent use cases using the iDid platform.

The graphic below summarizes some of the main contextual triggers supported by the platform. In general you can attach reminders, phone settings, home or office automation or instructions to text, call or email someone to places, events and proximity based events. For instance,

  • Remind me to call home/work when I start driving: Attaches a reminder to an event: drive start.
  • Turn fireplace off when I leave home: Attaches an automation to a place: home/leave
  • Silence phone when I am at church: Attaches a phone settings to a place: church
  • Text Fred when I am on my way to work: Attaches an action (text) to a place: work/approach
  • Cool downstairs to 70 degrees when Sally visits: Attaches an automation to a proximity event: Sally’s location and home.
  • Remind me to ask Tom about Sam when we meet: Attaches a reminder to a proximity event: Tom’s location and my location.

In addition to these kinds of triggers, the app also supports Transition Triggers which operate when you transition from one place to another. For instance, “Unlock side door when I return home from Costco”. To setup, use the app’s user interface.

Note that most commands are also supported through voice commands on the app itself or through Amazon Alexa. Contextual Triggers are only supported (for now) on the Android version of the app.