SmallTown: For Business Owners

Point of SaleMarketing Features and Point of Sale

If you are a business person providing a service or you have a brick and mortar presence, you want people in your community to know about your services. It would be great if you can pass out business cards to every person you meet, but that’s impractical and intrusive.

SmallTown provides an elegant and efficient method to make information about you and your services available to practically anyone you encounter. If you and your potential customer are in a participating system, such as a mall that has Wi-Fi, your customer can learn about you either by browsing their SmallTown database or searching for the kind of service you provide or product you sell. You don’t have to actively provide them that information. You just need to be present where they are, in the physical world.

If you own a brick and mortar business and want to provide a richer experience to your guests, you can use SmallTown back-end to allow more interaction between your guests, chats with your staff, provide loyalty programs, announce promotions, sales, raffles or jobs and relay important public safety messages such as Amber Alerts. With SmallTown, your participating visitor’s mobile becomes your Point-of-Sale device.

If you are a service professional, such as a real estate broker, you can use SmallTown to place “sticky profiles”, where your information is provided to anyone who visits a specific place of business, like your local coffee shop. As always profile information is made available directly to their phones (not to them). So they will find you when they search for a local real estate agent. That way it is not intrusive, but is efficient.


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