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ic_smalltown_logo_launcherSmallTown, in a nutshell, creates an instant social network of people in a Wi-Fi location. You walk in and use the app to browse profiles of people around you. Find someone interesting? Send a chat request, exchange contact information and promote to a permanent connection on your social networks.

SmallTown provides an elegant way for you to participate in whatever system you find yourself in. For example, if you are at a shopping mall, SmallTown, allows you to browse profiles of other participating shoppers, look for deals and promotions, communicate with staff, request chat with other shoppers, exchange contact information with staff/shoppers, set up proximity notification for interesting people you find and more.

When you install SmallTown, you set up a simple profile that does not ask for your contact information. You provide a friendly name, your occupation and interests, who you’d like to meet and a brief introduction. If you are a private person, you may not want to provide your contact information in your profile. If you are a service provider you may want to provide a method for those who see the profile to reach you (outside of “SmallTown”)

For business owners, SmallTown converts the visitor’s mobile to a point of sale device. Your visitor can now in real time become a part of your system. You can publish sales and promotions, allow them to interact with other visitors, interact with your staff, you can offer loyalty programs as with the SmallTown back-end, you can count all visitors. Your visitor’s privacy is very much protected as you only know them by their public profile, unless they specifically provide you with their contact information.

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