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  • iDid: Coupons and Deals

    iDid: Coupons and Deals

    New Feature: iDid – Coupons and Deals. As iDid automatically detects and logs places you visit, it collects coupons at or around those places and presents them to you in real time. iDid is an automatic life event logger and ever learning virtual assistant. Use it to automatically log your places, drives, flights, calls, sleep…

  • iDid: Free Daily Activity Reports by Email

    iDid: Free Daily Activity Reports by Email



    iDid now sends you a summary of your daily activity automatically to your email. Couldn’t be easier. Download, install, authorize and go about your day. No more manual time and mileage tracking.

  • iDid: The Heads-up Feature

    iDid: The Heads-up Feature

    The heads-up feature let’s people know you are on your way. You pick a person and a place and when you are almost there, they get a text. When this idea first surfaced as a feature for iDid, I thought to myself – why won’t I just pick up the phone and call? Do we…