iDid: Place Notes

place_notesiDid Place Notes allows you to setup reminders for yourself or your friends and family and attach these reminders to places. For instance, you can setup a note that reminds you to pick up a water filter at places like Home Depot or for your spouse to pick up dinner on the way home from work.

How to use?

You can setup places notes from the Activities view, Map Mode or from the My Places view. Hit the “attach” icon ic_attach_blue_32 and you’ll be taken to the Places Notes editor. You can see the place you are attaching the note to. It can be a public place or a custom place or a place with just an address. Create either a text note, voice note or both. To share the note with others, hit Share and select their email addresses. You can optionally notify them that you are sharing the note with them through email. However, iDid will notify them through their iDid application itself. The options you can select are to attach the note to places with the same name, attach note to places that are similar to that place, if you want the note to be played when you are visiting the place or when you leave that place and finally if you want to play an audio note automatically or you just want to be prompted and explicitly hit play to play the note.

If you want to setup a place note for a place that is not in your Activities view or in your “My Places”, you can do that from the Map Mode. Enter the place name or address in the search bar. Click on the place marker and then the “attach” icon ic_attach_blue_32. Enter your notes and save. If you are searching for a public place that’s not in your “my places”, make sure you have zoomed or panned enough so that place would be on the visible map.

To view a list of notes, select Settings then “List Notes“.