OverCoffee: Meet at Starbucks

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In creating iDid Inc and the mobile platforms iDid and SmallTown, I made several new connections and the intro meeting was almost always at Starbucks. Then one night as I was setting up the nth Starbucks meeting, I realized there was no app for that. One had to manually pick a location, go to Google Maps, find the address and copy paste that into the Google Calendar or Outlook invite. So I created the “OverCoffee: Meet at Starbucks” app. It launches with Google Maps with your current location marked and Starbucks as the default place to search for. You can pan or search for Starbucks around a different address as well. Then with a single click, set up a meeting using whatever calendar is visible on your mobile. “Starbucks” is just the default. You can search for any place you like.

Download from Google Play.

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Bernie is a distinguished technologist from the Mobile industry. Having authored several inventions in intelligence and automation, Bernie launched iDid Inc. and created a mobile platform for Contextual Intelligence.

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