iDid: Contextual Intelligence (Videos)

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iDid Works with Insteon

Now, iDid can automate and control your Insteon home automation devices. Use the voice command interface to easily build scenes: “turn driveway light on as I approach home after dark”.

iDid Works with Nest

Automate your Nest thermostats using iDid. You can attach Nest controls to places using Place Actions, a friend’s location using Alert Actions or for a specific transition (from a place to another place) using Auto Transitions.


iDid Place Notes: Attach reminders to a place and share

Using iDid, attach reminders to places and be notified when you get there. You can also set it to remind you before you arrive or after you leave. If you want to remind your friend, share the note with him or her.



iDid Smart Notes: Smart reminders 

Create smart reminders that trigger at the right time and place using iDid Smart Notes. You can let iDid choose the place automatically or add several place types for your reminder. To remind a friend, just share the note with them.



iDid works with TripCase

Forgot to remember your place on TripCase? Not a problem. You can go back add places to TripCase for up to 7 days in the past using iDid.


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Bernie is a distinguished technologist from the Mobile industry. Having authored several inventions in intelligence and automation, Bernie launched iDid Inc. and created a mobile platform for Contextual Intelligence.

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