iDid: Privacy

Our privacy policy is simple: We don’t have your information!

iDid works completely by using the calendar you select when you install the app as your private database to log your completed activities – such as drives, flights, places visited, sleep etc. We don’t have a database on the internet, so we don’t have your data – period.

You can use a Google calendar, work calendar or any other private calendar you choose. If you want to create a new calendar for iDid to use, here’s how to create a Google calendar.

Now, here’s how we the app uses the permissions you give it access to:

1. How does the app use your calendar?
When an activity is complete, we log it as an event to your calendar. If you have set up automated “Meeting Actions”, such as silencing your phone during a meeting, then the app uses meeting start and end times to do so.

2. How does the app use your email?
If you have turned on automated nightly activity reports, the app sends an email with the day’s activity report from your email account to your email. If you have turned on automatic expense attach to your places, then the app processes your bank’s expense alert emails to get this information. Your email is not processed for any other reason nor is shared with anyone. Finally, you will not receive an email from us – as we don’t have your email.

3. How does the app use your location?
Your location is saved with your events in your calendar. When you share your location with your friends, your location information is sent from your phone to your friend’s. All information that leaves your phone is encrypted. Also, see how you can set up smart location sharing using Meeting Radar.

The iDid app uses Google Maps API(s). Their privacy policy is at


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