iDid: Settings

settingsThere are several Settings supported by the app. We’ll cover them in several posts starting with this one:

You can launch the Settings function from the menu on any screen.

Select Account: If you have multiple accounts on your phone, use this option to select an account. This account is used when you activate location sharing with friends and contacts.

Select Calendar: This is the calendar that’s used to log events such as places visited, drives, flights, calls and sleep. The app will display a list of calendars available on your phone and you can pick one. If you want to create a new email calendar for the app, you have to create the calendar from your calendar application first and then return to the app to select it. The app allows you to create a new local calendar right from the app, “Local Calendar for iDid”. With this option, your events are saved on your phone itself and not in your online email calendar. We recommend you use an online sync’d email calendar, so that your events are accessible to you anywhere and if that calendar is private to you, then so are your events.

Please note that iDid does NOT use a central database or website to store your events. Your events go nowhere but your chosen calendar. Pick any calendar service you trust and read their privacy policy.

default_settings_cutDefault Settings: In addition to logging places, drives, flights etc., iDid provides for numerous automation functions. These are contextually intelligent automation functions, not just trigger based. For example, you can use iDid to automatically silence your phone at church or in meetings, turn off your Wi-Fi or turn on your Bluetooth when you are driving etc – and it doesn’t matter if you are driving in your car or your friend’s or using public transport.

This panel, Default Settings, defines what settings apply when no such activities are applicable. These are also the settings your phone will return to after such activities are done. Note that activities can be stacked – for example, you are in a meeting while driving.

The automation action panels are Drive Actions, Meeting Actions, Place Actions (for any user defined place, not just home and work) and Flight Actions. We’ll talk about these panels and how to use them in subsequent posts.